Firewood For Sale

We provide low moisture, naturally seasoned firewood in counties Roscommon, Longford, and Leitrim.

All timber has been seasoned in our drying shed down to a moisture content below 25% which is ideal for burning.

Our billets (block of firewood) are 25cm long and of different thicknesses and will fit into most wood burning stoves, fireplaces and wood gasification boilers.

connadh firewoodFirewood Pallets

Specialising in firewood we can supply the house holder/business with pallets of 1 solid cubic meter of split firewood in a netted bale for heating.

A pallet is approx 1.6 metres high and 1.2 metres width.

Each pallet is the equivalent of 25 large bags of firewood.

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bags of firewoodBags of Firewood

Order our handy 50 litre bags of timber which have been seasoned in our drying shed down to a moisture content below 25%.

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Our kindling will get your fire started every time.

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Our offcuts are ideal for gasifier boilers.

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Wood Chip For Sale

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offcutsContract Splitting Service

We provide a contract splitting service with your timber split and baled onto pallets and delivered back to your home or business. Minimum of 4 cubic meters i.e. 4 pallets. Please get in touch for quote.

Wood Chipping ServiceWood Chipping Service

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