Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of access do you need?

For deliveries we need access to a garage or enclosed area with an access pathway or driveway between 1.5 m and 2 m. There is no need to stack the firewood as it is wrapped in a netted bale, you just take your firewood from the top.

Where can I use your wood?

Our billets (block of firewood) are 25cm long and of different thicknesses but will fit into most wood burning stoves, fireplaces and wood gasification boilers. We recommend using a wood burning stove or solid fuel range to obtain the safest and best performance from firewood. Of course they are suitable for a traditional fireplaces.

For more information on wood burning stoves and gasification boilers please view our links page.

Where should I store my wood?

It is important to keep the firewood in a well ventilated, dry area away from condensation or damp. Ideally you should bring 2 days supply into the house and you will have dry firewood ready to use.

I have my own wood. Can you cut this for me?

We provide a contract splitting service with your timber split and baled onto pallets and delivered back to your home or business. Minimum of 4 cubic meters i.e. 4 pallets. Please get in touch for quote.